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  1. letuan912521
    Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:34 am
    Message by letuan912521 - hanh phuc
    I reverse path, back to love you sunshine
    Conversely commutable city, opposite the wind blows
    In contrast to his own heart to find superficial
    Lang du slip off the birds Roses

    Em back in time, I back space
    Bon chen paradox often find the passionate
    Conversely heart never own bottle of silence
    I wake up sad, I suggest green desire

    Wear what you want to talk with him
    Suddenly transfixed before the rain tree leaves
    How the Earth will no longer blue
    And will he not like when the children? roses

    I returned to silence of the night
    No longer the east and the red dust
    Tenh Street suddenly sad, her shoulders inlet
    Particularly this afternoon - you know, I alone.
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